Florida Panthers Booster Club

est. 1999

Are you the Ultimate Panthers Fan?  We want to find out.

The Florida Panthers are donating four Club Red seats and two parking passes for the final game of the season to our club.  Booster Club members are asked to e-mail in a photo depicting themselves as The Ultimate Panthers Fan.

Two winners will be chosen and each winner will receive two Club Red seats and one parking pass.

Rules:  You must email a photo to flpbc99@gmail.com and your e-mail must contain the name of the person in the photo and a contact phone number.  We ask that only one person be in the photo and that you only send in one photo per person.  If you send in more than one photo or your name and phone number are not in your e-mail, you will be automatically disqualified.
All photos must be received no later than 12:00 pm on Thursday, April 9.  Current Booster Club Members Only.

Winners to be determined by Club President, Cheryl LaPalme and Florida Panthers Owner, Travis Viola and will be announced on Friday, April 10.

Note:  We are not responsible for any photos that are improperly sent or not received.

Current Entries....

  • Sample Photo
    Sample Photo
  • Kurt Hardley
    Kurt Hardley
  • Dara Ross
    Dara Ross
  • Franki Noble
    Franki Noble
  • Robin Noble
    Robin Noble
  • Larry Licastri
    Larry Licastri
  • Magdalena Curbelo
    Magdalena Curbelo
  • Vinny Galan
    Vinny Galan
  • Michelle Roux
    Michelle Roux
  • Vickey Godwin
    Vickey Godwin
  • Fran Robert
    Fran Robert
  • Natasha Koster
    Natasha Koster
  • Roy Koster
    Roy Koster
  • Angi Johnson
    Angi Johnson
  • Corrie Rivette
    Corrie Rivette
  • Greg Blackwood
    Greg Blackwood
  • Nancy Giordani
    Nancy Giordani
  • Esther Rush
    Esther Rush
  • Jennifer McCoy
    Jennifer McCoy
  • Seth Lipson
    Seth Lipson
  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez
  • Stephen Robert
    Stephen Robert
  • Kathy Dodson
    Kathy Dodson
  • David Bierman
    David Bierman
  • Joe Shafer
    Joe Shafer